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by admin on February 5, 2010

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For people living in British Columbia, leaves and rain can be a challenging mix when it comes to home gutter systems. Leafs mixed with rain can cause clogging, water overflows and even back ups when it comes to draining and keeping water away from the foundation of a house or business.

There are a number of solutions to repairing and fixing your gutters so that you do not have to deal with pools of water around the house; these solutions include gutter grates, larger funnels and better construction of rain drain guards. One can purchase many of this hard in the local hardware store, set up the ladder and do it themselves, but why would someone want to risk their safety when replacing or repairing their own rain gutter systems?

Rain in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley

vancouver-rain-bc Cities, municipalities and towns in the Greater Vancouver regional district experience above-average rainfall throughout the course of the year. Primarily in the spring, winter and fall, the oceanic west coast Canadian climate of Vancouver has over 160 days of rain and areas such as Surrey, Abbotsford, Langley and Chilliwack BC are prone to having over 18 days plus of on-going rain.

Rain + Leaves = Gutter Problems

leafguard-rain-gutters Because cities like Vancouver, Burnaby and Surrey are heavily populated with a wide variety of trees, late in the fall, deal leaves tend to blow in our backyards, on the lawn, on our houses and end up getting clogged in our gutters. These clogged gutters can cause a lot of damage to the roof of the home, rotting of eaves troughs, issues with foundation and more because of water over follow caused by rain. Worse can happen if water leakage starts to appear in your basement foundation. To prevent water from entering your house, one must have a good rain gutter system in place to save the home from damage.

Clogged Gutters are common in Vancouver

clogged-gutters-vancouver Having a clogged-up gutter anywhere in the Fraser Valley of Vancouver, BC is not uncommon. One finds when they try to clean their own residential gutters they find a variety of dead leaves, nuts, branches from trees and small limbs that build up and prevent water from properly draining away from the house.

Hire a Professional Gutter Repair Company

Don’t risk trying to replace and repair your own gutters, very risky and safety is always a concern. Ladders, scaffolding, safety equipment are a few of the equipment one would need when installing and replacing gutter grates, guards and new rain water drain guards for your home.

Vancouver Gutter Company

Vancouver based Gutter Doctor, featured on Shell Busey’s HouseSmart Network, provides complete installation, replacement and custom gutter solutions for homes of various sizes. The problems, winds and tress that are located in West Vancouver will have a different influence on home gutter systems than the ones out in the Valley by Chilliwack and Abbotsford. To learn more about their custom system, visit the Vancouver Gutter Repair Company to see why their local Canadian business has been successful at repairing and replacing drain guards and hidden gutters of 10 years plus. One of the few companies located in the Fraser Valley that offer a no-clog guarantee on their equipment.

Informational Videos Online

To see more videos, review and testimonial online, visit the Gutter Repair videos in Vancouver for information about how the rain gutter system works!

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